Can One Great Presentation
Make You Rich?

The answer is YES.

Discover the battle-tested, carefully-crafted, revenue-generating tools to creating, delivering, and marketing presentations that can change everything.

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Table of Contents

Putting Together Your Most Powerful Presentation

  • Chapter 1: Will You Be an Amateur or a Pro? – by Dan Kennedy
  • Chapter 2: How To Be Fearless as a Presenter – by Dustin Mathews
  • Chapter 3: Knowledge of Your Audience Is Power – by Dan Kennedy
  • ​Chapter 4: What IS a Presentation – by Dan Kennedy
  • Chapter 5: The Speakers’ Formula – by Dave VanHoose
  • Chapter 6: Irresistible Offer Architecture – by Dustin Mathews
  • Chapter 7: The Structure of Promises – by Dan Kennedy
  • Chapter 8: Presentainer Secrets of Mass Persuation – by Dave VanHoose
  • ​Chapter 9: Demonstration in Presentations – by Dan Kennedy
  • Chapter 10: Someone To Speak and Present To – by Dustin Mathews
  • Chapter 11: No Two Audiences Are Created Equal – by Dan Kennedy

Presentations and Online Media

  • Chapter 12: The Power of Webinars and Online Media – by Dustin Mathews
  • Chapter 13: It’s TV – by Dan Kennedy
  • Chapter 14: StealthSeminar – by Special Guest Expert Geoff Ronning

Follow-Up to Presentations

  • Chapter 15: Turning Leftovers into Rich Meals – by Dan Kennedy
  • Chapter 16: The post-Presentation Conversation – by Dustin Mathews
  • Chapter 17: Best Story Wins – or Does It? – by Dan Kennedy
  • ​Chapter 18: How to Fuel a Business with Effective Presentations: Case History – by Mike Crow

DUSTIN Mathews

Dustin Mathews transforms business and brands. Right out of school, Dustin helped take a company from $1M to $14M and #35 on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Next he led 10 product launches that generated $10M+ in sales. Now he runs Speaking Empire, a disruptive company in the leadership training and education space. Along with multiple best selling books in the areas of marketing, sales and life, Dustin codified a process for creating and selling products and services, Irresistible Offer Architecture®, and is currently innovating in the area of Brand Response™.

In his down time, Dustin enjoys playing tennis and mountain biking with his wife Missy.

Dan S. Kennedy

Dan S. Kennedy is the provocative, truth-telling author of seven popular No B.S. books, thirteen business books total; a serial, successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; trusted marketing advisor, consultant and coach to hundreds of private entrepreneurial clients running businesses from $1-million to $1-billion in size; and he influences well over 1-million independent business owners annually through his newsletters, tele-coaching programs, local Chapters and Kennedy Study Groups meeting in over 100 cities, and a network of top niched consultants in nearly 150 different business and industry categories and professions.

Dan has addressed audiences as large as 35,000…for more than ten consecutive years, he averaged speaking to more than 250,000 people per year. Corporate engagements have included American Honda, Floor Coverings International, IBM, Pitney-Bowes, Sun Securities. Today, Dan rarely accepts speaking engagements outside of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™ events.

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Wayne Deehring
"By far the most powerful book on presentations, ever"

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